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I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Professor Zhenan Bao at Stanford University.  My research interest is to develop implantable and wearable medical devices to make life easier for people in need by using stretchable, biodegradable materials and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology.

I received my PhD from Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley and worked on MEMS energy harvesters for neural implants and harsh environment sensors. I received BSc and MSc degrees from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, where I invented the self-powered and fully implantable cochlear implant.

Feel free to reach me out if you have any questions, comments. (e-mail: lbeker at stanford.edu)


  • Jan 2019 – Behind the paper on biodegradable paper is now online! https://bioengineeringcommunity.nature.com/channels/541-behind-the-paper/posts/42758-biodegradable-and-wireless-blood-flow-sensor
  • Dec 2018 – Biodegradable implant paper accepted to Nature Biomedical Engineering! https://www.nature.com/articles/s41551-018-0336-5 . The work also featured at Stanford News: https://news.stanford.edu/2019/01/08/wireless-battery-free-biodegradable-blood-flow-sensor/
  • May 2018 – I will give an invited talk titled “Skin-inspired, Flexible and Biodegradable Electronic Devices for Medical Applications” hosted by M Silicon Valley Innovation Hub and Plug & Play at Sunnyvale, CA. (link)
  • Feb 2018 – SiC pressure sensor paper was accepted to S&A: A.Physical!
  • Nov 2017 – I will be giving a talk at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MDM) Conference at Anaheim, CA.
  • Aug 2017 – Together with my colleague Dr. Yuki, we received “Postdocs at the interface award” of $50K seed fund from Stanford’s Chemistry Engineering Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H) for our biodegradable and wireless pressure sensor implant research. (link)
  • Mar 2017 – We won BSAC’s the Best Poster Award for our work titled “Flexible sensors and harvesters” together with my friends, Junwen, Ilbey, and Yichuan!
  • Feb 2017 – I will be presenting at Milliken Research Symposium in April at Spartanburg, SC!
  • Oct 2016 – My paper was accepted to MEMS 2017 Las Vegas!! “A SiC differential pressure sensor by concentrically matched capacitance
  • Jun 2016 – I received the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) fellowship!! http://www.hhmi.org/news/hhmi-selects…
  • May 2016 – We won the Imprint Energy collider with Ilbey!
  • Mar 2016 – Our paper describing various elements for harsh environment applications got accepted to HiTEC 2016 !
  • Feb 2016 My paper describing energy harvesting from pressure using concentric ring-boss structures for enhanced power output got accepted to Hilton Head’16 !
  • Dec 2015 – The Next Generation Cochlear Implant project (Flamenco) received European Research Council Grant of > 2M Euro: https://erc.europa.eu/…
  • Oct 2015 – I have been nominated to submit an application to the HHMI fellowship by the UC Berkeley campus. Applications are still ongoing.
  • May 2014 – My master’s thesis received “Thesis of the year award”. You can read it through this link: http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr/upload/12616101/index.pdf

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Levent bey selamlar iyi çalışmalar. İşitme cihazı konusundaki çalışmanızı okudum. Kızımda Large vestibüler aquaduct sendromu var ve işitme cihazı kullanıyor. Sizi. Çalışmanızı okuyunca mutlu olduk. Acaba çalışmanızın son durumu nedir ? Piyasaya çıkma şansı varmı? Teşekkür ederim.


    1. ercan bey, flamenco.metu.edu.tr adresinden projenin son durumu hakkinda daha detayli bilgi alabilirsiniz. bu cihaz bir koklear implant – butun LVA durumlari icin kullanilabilecegini sanmiyorum. ama tabiki doktorunuzdan daha detayli bilgi alabilirsiniz kiziniz icin implant gerekli mi degil mi diye. bu cihaz su an gelistirme asamasinda oldugu icin yakin zamanda cikacagini sanmiyorum. bir suredir icinde yer almadigim icin piyasaya cikma sansi ne durumdadir bilemiyorum malesef, ama adresten odtu deki kisilerle iletisime gecerseniz daha detayli bilgi alabilirsiniz. gecmis olsun. -levent


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